Mindfulness Retreats and Wellbeing Events

Wellbeing Events, West Sussex

Immerse yourself in nature and the incredibly tranquil environment of Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary in West Sussex. Choose from a range of wellbeing events and Mindfulness Retreats.  Many of our popular retreat days are 1:1 or 2:1, where you'll be able to exclusively experience the sanctuary on your own - or with a friend if you choose to visit together. You'll be guided by the sanctuary's founder Jacqui Howe who is an experienced holistic practitioner and Mindfulness coach. 

Retreat days run throughout the year, and are available by prior appointment only.  Please contact us to book a date that suits you.  Suggested dates are below but we are very flexible with dates and times.  Generally retreats are available on Tuesdays, Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays. Have a browse through the various retreat suggestions and let us know which dates / times are best for you - we'll then get back to you asap with a mutually convenient date.


Suggested donations are included in retreat information below. 1:1 retreats are £240 for the exclusivity of the sanctuary for the day. 2:1 retreats are £120 each. Other retreats are various prices. Click on the booking button for more details. If this amount is restrictive to you please discuss with Jacqui as we are keen not to exclude anyone from experiencing the sanctuary.  Likewise, if you are able to donate more, your generosity will be very gratefully received.  All donations support the upkeep of the herd. We are a not-for-profit sanctuary. 

What our guests say

Kirsty Sherwood

I cannot recommend Jacqui enough. Such patience and compassion for times when we’re desperately seeking answers, or just intrigued. A wonderfully personal service that exceeded all expectations! 

The retreat was a wonderful reminder of how simple it is for us to connect to all of life when we drop back into our be-ingness and that animals are particularly receptive to this. I would highly recommend the retreat – it was a beautiful experience.” 

Chloe Wake

I would strongly recommend people to attend a retreat, especially if you are struggling emotionally or simply feeling stressed. Jacqui is so patient and understanding and she has helped me so much.

Marian Geddes

Upcoming Events

  • Celebrate | Group Retreat
    4pm-9pm | £55 Donation
    4pm-9pm | £55 Donation
    Plaistow, Plaistow, UK
    We celebrate on the land four times a year - Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. These special retreats with a small group include intention setting for the months to come, feasting with a shared vegan meal & enjoying fully immersing in nature as the seasons change.
  • Heal | One-to-one Retreat
    2pm-5pm | £85 Donation
    2pm-5pm | £85 Donation
    Petworth, Petworth GU28, UK
    Restore your wellbeing by receiving a healing treatment in our beautiful, relaxing treatment room.