Fundraising Auction

Welcome to our Silent Auction page

Each of these fabulous auction items has been very generously donated by our lovely supporters - THANK YOU ALLl! Please bid generously as every single pound you give will be going directly towards the upkeep of the herd. 


More specifically we are fundraising so that we can create an area of safe hardstanding in front of the open stables and shelters for the winter.  Last winter was extremely hard for the herd - it was so wet and muddy in the thick clay of the herd's new home. We are determined that they will not have to endure this again.  We have sourced and trialled a brilliant product that is environmentally friendly, moveable and incredibly effective in even the very worst of mud! It's appropriately called MUDCONTROL!


Each grid of Mudcontrol is 50cm square and interlocks to form a hardstanding area that the grass can grow through.  They are made from 100% recycled domestic plastic waste material which is a win-win-win for the herd, the land and the environment. 


This miracle Mudcontrol is not cheap, even at the discounted rate of £5.50 per grid but it will last a lifetime, we can move it to anywhere we wish and we have tested an area last winter which held up to everything the 'winter from hell' through at us.  In short the herd desperately NEED LOADS MORE OF THIS BRILLIANT STUFF!! Please can you help us to create a safe, healthy winter habitat for the herd? 

How to bid on this silent auction...



When you've chosen what you want to bid on from the wonderful selection below, decide the maximum amount you'd like to donate for this item... what's it worth to you and what are you able to donate to the herd? 



Send us a message with your  highest "silent bid".  All bids will be collected and kept private.  The winner of each lot is the highest bidder when the auction closes!

The auction end dates are specified on each individual item. 




Happy Bidding - Good Luck! 


Holiday Cottages

 5 days in the Peak District

Two holiday cottages 

2 Bed Cottage

  * £600 

3 Bed Cottage

* £700

*Click on BUY NOW below if you'd like to secure one of these weekday breaks without bidding at the auction.  There are additional weeks available at £600/£700, which also will be donated directly to the Springwood herd.  


Missy had a difficult start in life and found her place in the herd in 2012. When she arrived she was a highly strung thoroughbred who was due to be put to sleep as she couldn't race or be bred from. She is the wise mare that has taught us so much about gaining trust, communicating, grounding and holding healing space. She has allowed herself to be vulnerable and trust after a past life of trauma and is a very special member of the herd.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly

Blue Moon

Blue joined the herd at Springwood in 2016 after she had been rescued from a slip road onto the motorway and was extremely traumatised. Peacefulness, trust and healing have helped her become confident, inquisitive and playful as well as a very relaxed and gentle member of the herd. She enjoys welcoming new arrivals and showing them how peaceful it is here.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly


Tor started life on the polo field and found his forever home here at Springwood in 2017, aged 18. He was due to be put to sleep as he could no longer make the quick turns required for the polo field any more. Everyone here loves his gentle, peaceful energy. It's a joy to watch his willingness to mutually groom with all the herd, relax peacefully or have fun galloping across the expanse of land at the sanctuary.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly


Thomas made his way to Springwood, aged 8, after spending his life in a childrens petting zoo. He arrived with his friend Rodney, highly anxious and is now incredibly peaceful and relaxed.  His love of playing with the huge thoroughbreds and his gentleness makes him such a joy to be around.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly

The Herd

The mixed herd of mares and geldings, horses, ponies and donkeys of varying ages all enjoy each others company together with the freedom to roam around the vast acreage of the sanctuary. It is a privilege and joy to witness them spending their time thriving, engaging in life and peacefully being. 

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly