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Help Support the Herds

Donate to Rescue Horses & Donkeys

We are a privately funded sanctuary and therefore very much welcome financial donations which enable us to continue to support and provide for the herds in their forever home.


If you’d like to make a one off donation (via paypal) towards their care, your contribution would be very welcome and gratefully received. Below you can make a donation amount of your choice. 


You can also make a donation via bacs online transfer is very gratefully accepted. Our bank details for this are: Co-operative account no: 03339134; sort code: 08-93-00

Alternatively you can sponsor the herds on a regular basis or buy gifts via our GIFT SHOP. Thank you very much for your support. 

Hay £5

Organic meadow hay is vital for the herd's health. If you’d like to support us by buying a day’s hay for one of the herd please click the button below

High quality feed and supplements gives the herd the extra nutrients they require to keep them in top health.  If you’d like to support them with a donation towards this cost, please click the button below

Herbs & Medicinal Plants £15

We offer our herd organically grown medicinal plants, herbs and holistic first aid preparations in addition to those they can browse naturally.  These support their immune system, help them in an emergency and enable them to thrive.  If you’d like to support them with this, please click the button below

Hoof Care £40

Hoof care by an experienced professional is an essential requirement for the herd.  They are given monthly trimming, remedial work and preparations to keep their hooves in top condition.  If you’d like to pay for a month's hoof care for one horse, please click the button below

Holistic Treatments £55

Holistic healing treatments from experienced professionals include cranial sacral and shiatsu treatments, scans, dentistry and vet checks in addition to the massage and healing that is offered to them by us daily. If you’d like to support the herd with a holistic treatment, please click the button below

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