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Spring news from Springwood Sanctuary

You can tell that winter is almost over can't you?! I'm finally beginning to feel like I can do something other than round-the-clock horse care and worry! It feels so lovely to have the energy for other things.

What are your plans for the coming months? Do you hibernate and conserve energy for survival during the winter too? Survival is certainly the word that sums up our winter here in Wales. It has been long and challenging, but we are emerging into the light and new growth.

We hope you enjoy our news from Springwood Sanctuary, as Spring brings us all renewed energy and purpose. As ever, thanks to all of you - our wonderful sponsors and supporters for all your involvement and connection with us here at Springwood. The animals and I are extremely grateful for your support. Lots of love to you all dear friends, Jacqui xx

Fancy waking up to these beautiful views?

Photo by Lorian Osberg Pitman

Although we don't have the cottage available for holidays this year, we will have a 14' bell tent and 18' yurt in beautiful peaceful places by the lake, plus a little self-contained annexe at the back of our house which has a shower room and twin bedroom.

We also have the lovely lakeside cabin which is both a therapy space and fabulous place to relax in, and of course our luxurious hot tub overlooking the lake. All these spaces are available for visitors to book for sanctuary stays. Please contact me at for more details and to book.

We're also delighted to be offering guided retreats this summer. By visiting and enjoying a wonderful relaxing break in nature, you're also benefiting the animals here as all proceeds go to help pay for their hay, feed, bedding and vets bills.

Join us for a relaxing 3-day retreat: Eco-friendly, off grid camping accommodation in a bell tent or yurt near to the lake and river, lit by solar and fairy lights with a nearby firepit. For those wishing to enjoy more mod-cons we're also offering a twin bedroom in the self-contained farmhouse annexe. All retreat accommodation has use of a shared bathroom with toilet and shower in the farmhouse annexe.

Immerse in nature with a hot tub overlooking the lake, fire-pits next to the river and lake, an abundance of pure spring water from the Springwood spring, wildlife spotting along a mile of the river Teifi. And all in the tranquil surroundings of our beautiful sanctuary.

Delicious plant-based meals and refreshments in the lakeside cabin, lovingly prepared by a local vegan chef are included. Small groups of up to six people on each retreat.

Keep an eye on our Facebook community page for more details and prices. More information will be on our website soon. Or email me for more details at

Our new barn and shelter helped us through the winter...

Thank you so much to all of you who helped us to fund and build a new shelter for the Wild Herd, and transform the barn into a wonderful new space for horses rather than equipment!

Laying mud control and EVA mats helped us fight the mud to some extent, and provided under-foot softness for the herd, while also being easier to keep clear.

It has been wonderful to see the herd gradually build their trust and see these warm and dry spaces as safe havens through the harsher parts of winter.

It was hard work getting it all done, but we are thrilled with the results!

Safeguarding wildlife habitats

Photo by Lorian

We're absolutely loving safeguarding habitats for so many beautiful birds and other wildlife. This time of year always reminds us just how many wildlife residents and visitors Springwood is home to.

Over the past few days, David and Charlie have identified over 40 different species of birds and wildfowl - and we're sure there must be more we haven't seen or heard yet! We have an abundance of tadpoles this week too, so are looking forward to plenty of resident frogs joining us soon.

On our recent wanders around our beautiful land here, we've enjoyed bluebells and wild garlic starting to flower, birdsong, hazel leaves unfurling and sparkling river views from the woods.

We're going to be creating more wetlands in one or two of our river-edged meadows as well as continuing to support more wildflowers, fungus and trees which will further increase habitats for birds and many other species of wildlife.

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