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Springwood Sanctuary

Man is not the only animal that seeks freedom and space.


- Anthony Douglas Williams -


Springwood Sanctuary is a privately funded, non-profit sanctuary in South West Wales, whose mission is to provide exceptional lifelong love, care and sanctuary to over twenty-five rescued and rehabilitated horses, ponies and donkeys. It is here in their free roaming herds, where they enjoy a natural, enriched and truly peaceful life.

It is our passion to support them as they thrive and heal from past domesticated trauma. We have given our commitment to these beautiful animals that they will never again be used in any way and to enable them to live with autonomy over their own bodies, freedom of choice and holistic healing.

We are also passionate about conservation of wildlife and the Earth. We care for the 80 acres of land here holistically - enabling the biodiversity of plants and habitats for wildlife to flourish from what was until fairly recently farmed land. It is our joy to see an increase in native wildlife, plants and trees as the herds of horses, ponies and donkeys conservation graze the land. 


We enjoy sharing this peaceful healing sanctuary with people to experience 'Immersion in Nature' retreats, guided Mindfulness walks and quiet sanctuary stays.

At one with each other, at one with nature.

The herd need your support today!

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