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Fundraising Page

Each of these fabulous auction items has been very kindly donated by our supporters. Please bid generously as every single pound you give will be going directly towards the upkeep of the herd. 


More specifically we are fundraising so that we can create an area of safe hardstanding in front of the open stables and shelters for the winter.  Last winter was extremely hard for the herd - it was so wet and muddy in the thick clay of the herd's new home. We are determined that they will not have to endure this again.  We have sourced and trialled a brilliant product that is environmentally friendly, moveable and incredibly effective in even the very worst of mud! It's appropriately called MUDCONTROL!


Each grid of Mudcontrol is 50cm square and interlocks to form a hardstanding area that the grass can grow through.  They are made from 100% recycled domestic plastic waste material which is a win-win-win for the herd, the land and the environment. 


This miracle Mudcontrol is not cheap, even at the discounted rate of £5.50 per grid but it will last a lifetime, we can move it to anywhere we wish and we have tested an area last winter which held up to everything the 'winter from hell' through at us.  In short the herd desperately NEED LOADS MORE OF THIS BRILLIANT STUFF!! Please can you help us to create a safe, healthy winter habitat for the herd? 

Welcome to our Silent Auction page

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