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Herd Sponsorship

Many of the horses, ponies and donkeys living here have been rehabilitated at Springwood Sanctuary from a life of domestication, control and misunderstanding. Many arrived highly traumatised and most were due to be put to sleep because they could no longer meet their 'intended purpose'. It's hard to believe that when witnessing the peaceful, thriving herd they have now become. 

The sanctuary offers an exceptionally safe haven for each to live out the rest of their lives in a peaceful environment where they are able to just 'be', immersed in the present moment. We aim to be a model for change, where people can experience horses and donkeys enjoying their life in as near a natural setting as possible, and not being used by humans in any way. We offer the herd healing modalities and experienced holistic care to fully enrich their lives. Furthermore we enable them to feel completely understood and respected for the incredible, heart centred beings that they are.

There are two herds living alongside each other at Springwood. The Wild & Free Herds! 

Supporting a herd here at Springwood enables us to continue to provide for each of their varied needs in their forever home. We are a not-for-profit, privately funded sanctuary and we do not receive grants from organisations or government funding.  We gratefully appreciate all of the wonderful support from our guardians and sponsors. 


Thank you for considering this opportunity to help them.


For £10 per month* or £120 per year, your very valued sponsorship will be supporting the needs and wellbeing of your chosen herd. We are not open to the public, however as one of our sponsors you are welcome to visit by prior arrangement.  We look forward to seeing you, thanking you for your support personally, and sharing this unique sanctuary with you.


To sponsor one of our herd either:


1.   Click on the donate button next to your chosen herd to pay by paypal.  *This payment will be your first month sponsorship.  We then will contact you regarding setting up a monthly standing order to keep paypal fees to a minimum. 


2.   A standing order via bacs online transfer is very gratefully accepted from the initial payment onwards.

3.   Or the whole year's sponsorship amount can be paid by paypal or bacs.

Our bank details are: Co-operative account no: 03339134; sort code: 08-93-00. Please also contact us to notify us of your sponsorship so that we can send the relevant updates and invitations to you. Thank you. 


The Free Herd

The Free Herd were founded in 2012 to care for unwanted, previously abused and retired equines. Through healing, communication and relationship building the herd now thrive in mind, body and spirit. The mixed herd of mares and geldings, horses, ponies and donkeys of varying ages all enjoy each others company together with the freedom to roam around the vast acreage of the sanctuary. It is a privilege and joy to enable them this unique sanctuary, the healing, freedom and understanding they need and to witness them spending their time thriving, fully engaging in life and peacefully being in their bonded forever herd. 

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£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly

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The Wild Herd

The Wild Herd joined Springwood Sanctuary in the summer of 2023. They are made up of 12 horses and ponies who were rescued and now live together happily in their forever family. Their truly unique bonds are a delight to see. They are happiest grazing freely in a wide and open landscape where they can just 'be'. They live with freedom of choice and the ability to forage.

We are overjoyed to have been able to offer this stunning herd a home where they are safe. 

They have settled in quickly and we are enjoying getting to know them!

£10 Monthly*

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£120 Yearly

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