Horse and Donkey Sponsorship

The herd have all been rehabilitated at Springwood Sanctuary from a life of control. Some were even due to be put to sleep because they could no longer meet their 'intended purpose'.


The sanctuary offers an exceptionally safe haven for each to live out the rest of their lives in a peaceful environment where they are able to just 'be' and to truly thrive. 


Sponsoring a Springwood horse, pony or donkey enables us to continue to provide for each of their needs in their forever home.


We are a not-for-profit, privately funded sanctuary and gratefully appreciate all of our sponsors wonderful support.

Springwood Sponsorship Package

For £10 per month* or £120 per year, as well as supporting the needs and wellbeing of your chosen herd members, you'll also receive the following:

  • We are not open to the public, however our valued sponsors are always welcome to visit by prior arrangement - we look forward to seeing you, thanking you for your support personally, and sharing this unique way of being with the herd with you.

  • A regular newsletter updating you on the developments at the sanctuary and what your sponsored friend has been up to each month.

  • Photographs and Video Updates. 

  • Access to our exclusive online community of Springwood volunteers and sponsors. 


To sponsor one of our rescued horses, click on the donate button next to your chosen rescue horse to donate via paypal. Alternatively, a standing order via bacs online transfer is very gratefully accepted. Our bank details for this are: Co-operative account no: 03339134; sort code: 08-93-00. Please also contact us to notify us of your sponsorship so that we can send the relevant updates and invitations to you. Thank you. 

*Once you have paid the first monthly payment via paypal, we will be in touch to arrange a standing order to donate your monthly sponsorship amount.


Rodney came to the Springwood Sanctuary in 2017 as a four year old. He came here with his friend Thomas from a children's petting farm where they were very anxious and displayed many behavioural coping mechanisms. His cheeky character and clear role as peace keeper to the herd makes him such a wonderful member of the herd.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly


Missy had a difficult start in life and found her place in the herd in 2012. When she arrived she was a highly strung thoroughbred who was due to be put to sleep as she couldn't race or be bred from. She is the wise mare that has taught us so much about gaining trust, communicating, grounding and holding healing space. She has allowed herself to be vulnerable and trust after a past life of trauma and is a very special member of the herd.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly

Blue Moon

Blue joined the herd at Springwood in 2016 after she had been rescued from a slip road onto the motorway and was extremely traumatised. Peacefulness, trust and healing have helped her become confident, inquisitive and playful as well as a very relaxed and gentle member of the herd. She enjoys welcoming new arrivals and showing them how peaceful it is here.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly


Tor started life on the polo field and found his forever home here at Springwood in 2017, aged 18. He was due to be put to sleep as he could no longer make the quick turns required for the polo field any more. Everyone here loves his gentle, peaceful energy. It's a joy to watch his willingness to mutually groom with all the herd, relax peacefully or have fun galloping across the expanse of land at the sanctuary.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly


Thomas made his way to Springwood, aged 8, after spending his life in a childrens petting zoo. He arrived with his friend Rodney, highly anxious and is now incredibly peaceful and relaxed.  His love of playing with the huge thoroughbreds and his gentleness makes him such a joy to be around.

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly

The Herd

The mixed herd of mares and geldings, horses, ponies and donkeys of varying ages all enjoy each others company together with the freedom to roam around the vast acreage of the sanctuary. It is a privilege and joy to witness them spending their time thriving, engaging in life and peacefully being. 

£10 Monthly*

£120 Yearly

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