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Horses and Donkeys

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Would you like to volunteer at Springwood?

Come and enjoy the tranquility of Springwood Sanctuary in return for helping out on the land. A willingness for engaging in practical work outdoors is all that is required. No previous horse experience is necessary as there is no traditional horse management work.

We encourage all our volunteers to mindfully immerse in nature and to respectfully enjoy the peacefulness of the herd roaming freely whilst we quietly work around them.


We are not open to the public, and therefore require a prior appointment to be made. 

Spaces for volunteering are limited as we like to keep the sanctuary a peaceful place each and every day.

What our volunteers say about Springwood

Catherine Smith

I have watched the land bloom under the care of all at Springwood.  I have watched the herd let go of past traumas and avail themselves of the peace and freedom offered here. I love every moment I spend here.

Claire Letang

I love volunteering at Springwood. There is something totally magical about being in amongst the beautiful horses and donkeys that are now able to live in a place of safety and peace. I can feel myself start to relax almost as soon as I arrive and being able to be so close to them is a real privilege.

Margaret Hook

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jacqui, David, Ollie and the herd, they came into my life at the time I needed them. I now volunteer at Springwood and can't wait for Tuesday morning when I go over there.

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