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This beautiful film was created by Callum Johnston at Springwood Sanctuary.

We moved all the way from Sussex to Wales last November, sadly away from our family, friends, wonderful volunteers and support network, because we truly believed the charity were offering us our forever home and the long term security we needed so much for this beautiful herd of rescued horses and donkeys.


However, the charity has had a change of plans and they're going to be selling - so, devastatingly, we've been given a few months notice!!! 😢


We're feeling shocked, sad, worried and uncertain of our future... yet again.


Can you urgently help?


Our long term plan is to buy a small home for us with enough land for the herd so that they are safe and secure forever. That for us and the animals would be an absolute dream come true! We really love this area and would be very happy to stay here in South Wales.


We are looking for somewhere to rent... Ideally a house with 15+ acres of land, or just the land so that we can rent a home for us nearby. We have our own attractive mobile field shelter which we can put up and remove again when we leave, so there's no need for the land to have stables etc. We're even happy to put up our own fencing if necessary.


We are very responsible, hard working, trustworthy and respectful tenants who are happy to pay rent upfront, and we're extremely dedicated to the lives of our herd, ensuring they are completely loved and live with freedom and the very best care possible. Just to reassure you, they aren't used in ANY way.


If you know of anyone that may be of willing to help us with land either to rent or buy in the South Wales area, please could you let us know?


Thank you very much for your help.

With love and gratitude for all your help, in whichever way you can... by donation, suggestion of land or even by sharing this website and our plea. 


Jacqui and David

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