Weʼre raising £5,000 to buy *Mudcontrol* hardstanding for the horses and donkeys at Springwood Sanctuary

This beautiful footage was filmed by film-maker Callum Johnston at Springwood Sanctuary.

Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary is a privately funded, non-profit horse sanctuary, near Petworth in West Sussex. It is here that a beautiful, free-roaming herd of rescued and rehabilitated horses and donkeys enjoy a natural and truly peaceful existence. 

Your generosity and support to enable this purchase is so massively appreciated and needed to ensure we can care for the herd throughout every winter to come.

*Mudcontrol* hardstanding is extremely versatile and ticks every box for us:

* It's made from 100% domestic recycled waste.

* It's extremely efficient at turning even the worst mud conditions into brilliant hardstanding.

* It's moveable - so if we want it somewhere else we just pick it up and relocate it.

* It has a 20 year guarantee, but its life is even longer than that.

* It protects the ground and grass even grows through it! Instead of digging down and installing hardcore, concrete, tarmac etc which damages the earth structure, this brilliant product actually protects the land.

* The horses and donkeys love it - they choose to stand / walk on it. 

*The securely interlocking slabs allow the natural drainage of the surface, and prevent the ground underneath from being churned up or compacted due to heavy use.

Given all these incredible attributes and environmental footprint, it is priced at a very reasonable £27.60 per square metre. However, we are incredibly grateful to Mudcontrol for their special offer and to the generosity of a lovely supporter, who have offered to donate £7.60 for every £20 fundraised. 

This is a phenomenal gift as we are hoping to be able to purchase 250 square metres! We therefore are hoping to fundraise £5,000 for this purchase.

Four slabs make up a square metre. Each slab is £5. 

As you will see from the grid below, we have already tried and tested 125 square metres of these brilliant slabs which we bought with last years' fundraising. We have also bought open fronted shelters with this previous fundraising prior to our big move last year. Thank you to every person who contributed to this fundraising and life long purchases.

With this years' additional 250 square metres we will have a good area for the herd to safely be out of the worst of the mud during extreme weather. The last winter showed us that we desperately needed three times the amount!  The herd and I are very hopeful we wont ever have to go through the very difficult conditions we endured last winter. Your support and generosity is so incredibly appreciated. Thank you for every single slab you are able to donate. 

Each week we will update the grid below to show the amount of slabs donated and who has donated them! 


























































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Photography courtesy of Georgina Weston