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Healing Treatments

As part of the Heal One-to-one retreat, you can choose from a range of therapeutic massage treatments. Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and aimed at addressing any specific emotional or physical issues you have been experiencing. 

Jacqui is a qualified Hawaiian healing practitioner with many years of experience. Each treatment will be tailored to your specific requirements. A safe, sacred space is created for you to fully immerse in the healing, relaxing and a restorative treatment of your choice. 



Intuitively working with each clients specific needs, you will experience a nurturing, rhythmic massage enabling you to release emotional and physical pain which is often held deep within the body, leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and transformed. LomiLomi is a wonderful fusion of healing and bodywork unlike any other treatment you may have experienced.

Tandem LomiLomi Massage

Hawaiian Royalty were regularly massaged by two healers at the same time. When two skilled practitioners massage your body you experience a synchronised dance of rejuvenating bliss. This very powerful healing massage will deeply relax and restore you, leaving you feeling uniquely balanced with its yin and yang energy flow. 

KahiLoa Shamanic Massage

KahiLoa means “Infinite Oneness”. It is a shamanic form of Hawaiian massage and healing which connects with the mana (divine energy and spirit) in Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Plants, Animals and Humans. KahiLoa is a deep, gentle, loving communion with nature and one’s soul. A truly healing journey of pure Hawaiian magic!

LauLima Healing

Hawaiian healing touch (similar to Reiki). This offers the recipient vitality, a return to wholeness, healing of the past, balancing of the energy system (chakras) in the body, unconditional love, deep peace and given with the intention of highest possible good.

Hawaiian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage

A fully clothed, seated treatment, where you will receive a relaxing and healing massage to head, face, neck and shoulders. Many say it’s even more relaxing and healing to receive than the wonderful Indian Head Massage.

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