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The Springwood Family

Springwood Sanctuary is humbled and honoured to be supported by our wonderful ambassadors who are all part of the large beating heart of our sanctuary.  We are so hugely grateful to all the incredible patrons, sponsors, supporters, advisors, guardians and volunteers who give so much in the way of love, support, time and money and who share our values and ethics towards creating a more compassionate world. We consider you all very treasured and valued friends and very much a part of the Springwood family.  

Thank you for the support and continued efforts of everyone who speaks up for our fellow earthlings and to everyone who supports and champions the belief that we can all only really thrive when nature, humans and other beings live in harmony with each other.  

Felicity Dean

To see this beautiful herd so happy and free from anxiety is the benchmark for me. The work Jacqui, David and all the team are achieving at Springwood, surrounded by beautiful and ancient woodland is stunning. To wander through the trees, then meet and spend time with the herd, gently, just being with them in their space is a wonderful healing experience.


Dan Richardson

Actor, producer and passionate vegan animal advocate, Dan Richardson is a patron of Springwood to be a voice for the voiceless.


Callum Johnston

It's such an honour to be a patron of this wonderful sanctuary. To watch Jacqui and all those who contribute their time here is admirable. i know from spending a lot of time filming the sanctuary that Jacqui is a very dedicated and compassionate woman who cares deeply about the duty she has for this rescued herd. The energy I got from being around everyone involved with Springwood is majestic and I will always hold a fondness in my heart for this serene sanctuary.


Peter Egan

Actor, vegan animal advocate and Springwood patron with Rodney at Springwood in 2020


Georgina Westoneor

I am a professional photographer and I feel very privileged to have gained a glimpse into the wonderful sanctuary Jacqui has created. Seeing the horses totally at peace in such a natural environment and hearing how they have relaxed and softened now they are allowed to live freely touched me in a way I will never forget. When Jacqui lay down in the midst of this tranquil space and slowly, one by one these horses (and donkeys!) who have been through so much in their own lives… came and lay down with her I felt like I was witnessing a real life fairytale. I feel honoured to be a part of this community. My passion is creating beautiful artwork from precious moments like the ones I have experienced at the Springwood Mindfulness Sacntuary.


Paul Ayling

I am healer who works with people, places and animals and tries to encourage harmony between the three, so to find a sanctuary like Springwood where that harmony is actively created adds song to my heart.


Rebecca Ahimsa-Rae

I am a Reiki practitioner, mindfulness coach and meditation teacher with a big desire to do something positive. I have had the immense honour of being asked to be a patron to one of the most magical, love-filled places I have ever had the good fortune to visit.


Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary is a glimpse at what a new world could look like; one that is founded on compassion & love, and a joyful, respectful connection with all life. Jacqui, David, the herd, and all at Springwood, have created an absolute haven in a world that can feel too fast, too confusing and far too cruel. You can feel the incredibly special energy as soon as you set foot there and time seems to slow down and everything feels 'right' and at peace. Anything I say really wouldn't do it justice, and I am just blown away to be asked to be a patron of such an amazing place. The world is undoubtedly a better place for having Springwood, Jacqui and all the gang in it. They provide inspiration, hope and a template by which we can create a better world for us all

Jacqui has trained with Smart Foundations director Paula Pluck and is a fully accredited Mindfulness coach for children and adults. Paula is a patron and supporter of Springwood Mindfulness Sanctuary.

Paula Pluck

Darrell Sawczuk

Darrell is a vegan advocate and has a company, Defender of Animals Clothing which generously supports Springwood Sanctuary with a donation from t-shirts sold.

Charlotte Panchaud

Will Panchaud

Charlie Patterson - Boulevard Florists

Caroline Binns

Carrie Freeth

Suz Jeffrey

Cleo Collins - Peak District holiday cottages

Mary Foster - coaching and training

Diana Coldman - Quantum Shaman

Annie Blampied - interfaith minister

Catherine Smith

Kerry - Mudcontrol

Suzi Edwards-Goose  - artist  and creator of our Springwood logo

Sue Holpin - artist - Rodney & Thomas cards www.

 Earth Pathways Diary & Calendar -

Maria Olarte

Ray Shotten

Sharon & David Meadmore

Donna Davy

Hayley McInnes

Jacky Humphries

Mary Joy Johnson

Val Green

Claire & Ella L'etang

Ren Hurst

Jackie Tye - artist

Mark Gent - DAEP

Sonya Leggett - holistic vet

Sue Goode

Stormy May - Creating Sanctuaries Network

Susan Taylor

Tor Lawrence

Yolanda Ayora

Melody French

Lee Slatter

David & Julia Jepps

Jane Andrews

Jayne Bond

Amy Willoughby

Sara, Xavier & Caleb Eloquin

Devina Lester

Andrew Davies

Anne Marie Wylie

Debbie Glover

Gill Schweizer

Emily May

Tom & Julia Ventham

Lynn Vaghela

Carlie Bray

Sue Ramcharan

Emma Redknap

Siobhan P

Morgan Laughton

Robyn Harris

Sarah Brownlee

Ralf Langen

Sharon Bradnum-Anderson

Birdy Davenport

S Karimi

Krystyna Butler

Lisa Bartlett-Arnot

Claire Shoubridge

G Paine

Vanessa Keenan

Suzanne Aldrich

Renske & Isis McFarlane

Sophie Kendrick

Anne Clements

Lenka Freharova

Diana & Rebecca Heald

Andrew Broughton-Tompkins

Margaret Hook

Andrea Cebrian Marin

Juliette Inaczej

Jackie Derham

Caroli Finch

Harri Shaw

Caroline Hickling

Ariana Williams

Alison Jermy

Simon Vieweg

Claudia Dias

Fiona Clements

Sue Newport

Tim & Anne Locke

Rebecca Speed

Matt Oldfield and team

Sofia Briffett

John Yates

Gail Barber

Wendy Lockwood

Emma Ross - Intuitive Horse

Genna A'Court - Coppershell Farm Sanctuary

Jenny Seagrove - Mane Chance Sanctuary

Jess Hancock

Jacki Heath

Heather Salisbury

MKC Stables & Shelters

Sue Olsen

Shauna Bradburn

Jo Peters

Lyn Hayes

Diane Bell Cole

Kerry Roddy

Helen Gilbert

Vandela Eversden

Sandy Daniel

Carolyn Mumby

Susan Wardle

Wendy Collins


Karen Giles

Marina Claessens

Kirsty McGovern

Charmaine Lish

Pupak Haghighi

Josephine Pakes

Michelle Huws-Thomas

Hannah Dickson

Tracey Dalton

Janet Harris

Carolyn McCambridge

Maureen Taylor

June VanVolkenburgh

Beverley Roberts

John Ellis

Penny Fidler

Charlotte Singleton

Jesus Guzman

Jil Higginson

Jackie Honey

Susanna Feder

Kirsty Cross

Carol Benn

Em Charles

F Bukosa

Helen Culyer

Keith Muir

Jolie Glover

Stacey & Lauren

Kate Gledhill

Heather Day

Mandy Payne

Gemma Harley

Istvan & Mark 

Ellie Syrett

Liv Stevens

Phil Clarke

Guildford Animal Save team

Edward Omran & Tom,

Beau & Camilla

Jacques Stephens

Emma Cole

Suzi Ve

Dorka Tomanek & Ales

Emily & Greg Lewis Brown

Nicky & Ella Spreadbury

Tina Thornber

Catherine Daley

Rob Murkin

Natalie Brent

Claire & Chloe Moynagh

Tim Patmore

Cleanfields team

Luke Mansvelt

Emily McDonald

Josie & Aaron Howard-Radmall

Vanessa Holburn

Viola Woolcott

Lisa Podosin

Kate Ayling

Amanda & Jordan 

Kate Houghton

Lyn Danaher

Bronwyn Franks

Melinda Wells

Jon Kalviac

Finella Gray

Caroline Treasure

Jacqueline Sheedy

Chay Godfree

Nathan Gallagher

Phil Sweeney

Courtney & Luke

Irmela, Peter, Charlie, Victoria &Will

Uttrang Khalsa

Lynne Paris

Sally Puetz

Kasia Rampersad

Debbie Pearson

Chris Cotton

Pat Byrne

Jenny Edwards

Richard & Nessa Smith

Kelly Simmons 

and to everyone else who's supported us so generously.

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With our love from Jacqui, David

& the Springwood herd


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