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Sussex herd under shade of oak tree at Springwood Sanctuary.jpeg

Gift Shop 

Welcome to our gift shop. Here you can purchase gifts for your friends and loved ones and support our sanctuary.

New for 2024 we have our stunning Springwood Calendar, each picture can be easily removed and framed to stay with you forever.

Also available are Gift Certificates, perfect for the animal lover in your life.

Springwood 2024 Calendar

See the herds and the surrounding landscape throughout the seasons. Each month shows a unique moment beautifully captured. Our horses, ponies and donkeys pictured in the stunning landscape of the sanctuary. The calendar denotes full & new moons, solstices, equinoxes and other dates that help us live more connected to the seasons, to nature and to the rhythm of our lives.

Printed by carbon neutral printers on uncoated 100% recycled paper using vegetable based inks and renewable energy.

Gifts Certificates

We have a range of gift certificates that make the perfect gift. By purchasing a gift for our equines you are directly supporting the care and well being of our 26 horses, ponies and donkeys. You will receive a certificate by email which you choose to gift virtually or print at home

A Bale of Hay £5

Hay Web.png

During the cold winter months when the temperature drops and the grass stops growing, we supplement the equines diet with bales of organic meadow hay to allow the land to rest and the herds to stay well fed and warm

A Bag of Carrots £8

Carrots Web.png

All of our horses, ponies and donkeys love a carrot. They are a tasty, nutritious treat along with apples which are hidden in their daily hay as a lovely surprise for them to find.

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Dried Herbs £15

Herbs Web.png

All of the horses, ponies and donkeys at the sanctuary regularly benefit from dried medicinal herbs to keep them in really good health. It incre

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A Sack of Feed £25

Feed Web.png

Sometimes our horses, ponies and donkeys may need feeding up, this can be for a number of reasons, they may be resting in the barn while under the weather, they may just be getting a little bit underweight.

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A Hoof Trim £40

Hoof Web.png

Our herds live a natural life on our sanctuary. An element of this is they don't wear horse shoes. However they still need regular visits from our amazing hoof trimmer who keeps an eye on their hoof health. o

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Where does the money go?

All the money raised from these items go directly into caring for our 33 ponies and 2 donkeys to whom we are giving lifelong care in their forever home

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