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Urgent Fundraising Appeal

Help Save Springwood Sanctuary

If you build it, they will a famous line from the film Field of Dreams. Well, there is just such a field of dreams here at Springwood Sanctuary. For the past two and a half years founders Jacqui, her partner David and a group of wonderful volunteers have worked tirelessly on the 63 acre site creating a rehabilitation centre for rescued and traumatised horses and donkeys where they can live a healed life as part of a very peaceful "forever herd".  More than that, they uphold an ethos that’s vital for the future of humankind… a place where nature is honoured – a rewilding oasis including ancient woodland, a stunning lake, beautiful heathland and more. This is a haven where equines, wild deer and other native wildlife are free to roam, where healing of humans occurs, Mindfulness and Wellbeing retreats offered, and where vegan principles are upheld.

The future of this unique Sanctuary currently hangs in the balance. The landlord is now selling the property and land and Jacqui and David have only until June to find somewhere suitable to move the herd to.

The aim of this urgent appeal is to raise funds for keeping the Sanctuary alive. The immediate need is to ensure that there are sufficient funds to relocate the herd. This is a massive undertaking and the safety and health of the herd is paramount.

Your support is vital for keeping this ‘field of dreams’ alive – wherever that may be. Every penny of the £20,000 needing to be raised will be used to help secure a deposit on a new location for the sanctuary, transport and relocation costs for 11 horses and donkeys and all their associated equipment and to build any necessary infrastructure (shelters etc) for the herds wellbeing. 

You can contribute to this fundraising appeal via our JustGiving page by clicking the 'contribute' button below.

We wholeheartedly appreciate and receive with absolute gratitude, ANY amount you are able to contribute to help keep the herd safe.

Actions You Can Take To Support the Herd

  • Share this fundraising appeal as far and as wide as possible!

  • Contribute funds to support the herd's options

  • Let us know of any available land which may be suitable for the herd - minimum 10 acres required

  • Suggest any inspirational ideas that could be another potential solution 

  • Believe in miracles and send the herd as much positive energy as possible!

Whilst the future does remain uncertain, please be assured that Jacqui and David are committed to keeping the herd safe, happy and together. There is no chance they will be put to sleep, sold or separated. They are safe in that sense, however, their home is not.

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